Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Project Golden Child

In June of 2007, I started a project to develop a website and web application. I was completely new to web development. I sought a cheap and quick approach. For cheap, I decided to go entirely Open Source. For quick, I chose to write my web application in Seaside and Squeak.

This blog presents some of my hard-won lessons. It has been very arduous sifting through tons of information on the Internet, much of which is either misleading, incomplete or inaccurate. It is very tough finding reliable knowledge. I've done the information vetting and gone through all the trial and error. I hope you will find the posts useful.

Here is a list of the software I used:
  • Ubuntu Linux "Feisty Fawn"
  • Apache 2
  • PostgreSQL 8.2
  • Seaside/Squeak
  • Darwin Streaming Server
  • Firestarter firewall
  • VNC and SSH for remote access
  • Proftpd for FTP access
FYI, my Seaside development system was a Core 2 Duo Windows Vista machine.

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