Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Richard Eng's The Art of War

I am now into a full-blown promotional campaign for The Good Sex Network. My strategy is to get our name, and our URL, into as many public locations as possible...wherever search engines have a reasonable likelihood of indexing the webpage.

Video Sharing Websites

I chose three video sharing websites: YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe.

YouTube promo

Metacafe promo

Blogging Websites

I chose the Top Two blogging websites: Blogger and WordPress.

(The duplication is for one 'l' versus two 'l's.)

Social Networks

You can find The Good Sex Network on Facebook:

There's also this social network at Webs:


I don't know that there are any top forums, but I found a Canadian, home-grown forum that suits my purpose:

I've been posting responses to a number of sex-related questions in the forum (look for the author 'reng2008'). No, I'm not a therapist but, like everyone else who visits, I am entitled to give my opinions.

Social Bookmarking

I joined Digg and submitted a story about The Good Sex Network in the Health section: ... ouples_sex

I joined StumbleUpon:

I joined