Monday, August 23, 2010

Crowning Glory

The Good Sex Network project has been one of my proudest achievements. Why? Because I did it all on my own. It was a complex one-man project. I had to work very hard and learn everything from scratch. Prior to this project, I knew virtually nothing about how to build a commercial website.

I had to wear several different hats:
  1. hardware/software technician - researching datacentres and selecting rack server hardware; installing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), PostgreSQL, Darwin Streaming Server, OpenSSH, proftpd
  2. web designer - selecting just the right design templates and then tweaking the HTML/CSS
  3. web application developer - using Seaside/Squeak
  4. web master - setting up WordPress and Webs social network and Gmail accounts; using SSL certificate; Apache configuration and deploying Seaside (which is hardly a walk in the park)
  5. project administrator - backups; video transcription and encoding; transcribing medical articles
  6. SEO engineer and website promoter - creating links to our website; researching and then posting to our 'opinions' blog
Video transcription and encoding was a particularly time-consuming task, as was transcribing medical articles. It takes a certain degree of determination and stamina.

Developing the web application was quite challenging. Still, it was easier than if I had chosen to do it in, say, Java or PHP.

My SEO efforts were probably the most frustrating. After much hard work, I was only able to draw, on average, about 30 visitors per day to our website.

Rebuilding the server after a server crash was also a great deal of work. All in all, I put in a phenomenal amount of sweat and tears into The Good Sex Network project. Not a problem because it was a labour of love.

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